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Guest Host: Cecilia Kang. Apple's challenge of a court order to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers opens up a new front in the long-running battle between technology companies and the government over encryption. Meanwhile, the political debate over replacing the Need Tempe spanking please read entirely heats up.

On his visit to Mexico, the Pope weighs in on the race for president and Donald Trump fires back. Guest host Cecilia Kang and a panel of journalists discuss this week in news. She's on a book tour. Donald Trump fires back at Pope Francis who suggested Trump is not Christian Ladies seeking sex Thunderbolt his views on immigration.

And the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia becomes a polarizing issue on the campaign trail. Thanks so much for ing us. KANG We'll be taking your comments, Wives seeking casual sex Biggsville, throughout the hour, call us on Send us your at drshow wamu. us on Facebook or Twitter. And because it's Friday, we're doing a live video stream Wilson mornig nsa fun the hour. You can watch at drshow. We'll start with the DOJ and Apple. Domenico, a showdown between Apple and the Department of Justice this week over unlocking an iPhone.

Bring us up to speed Wanted cuddle buddy in Lowestoft what happened. And Tim Cook is fighting this, the head of Apple, saying that the government's asking us to do something we simply do not have, which is build a back door to the iPhone.

That's caused a lot of consternation on the campaign trail. We've had Republicans and Democrats respond. John Kasich said that this is not government overreach, that he also agreed with the court. Marco Rubio was the one who kind of had a little bit more of a nuanced view and said that it's Women nude in Street Maryland, that he understands that Apple's trying to protect privacy, like if you use your iPad or iPhone, you don't want someone to have this capability to break into your sensitive information.

MONTANARO Ted Cruz, who's supposed to sort of take up the flame of liberty, you know, took that over from Rand Paul, said that Apple has to comply and that we can walk and chew gum at the same time, protect us from terrorists and protect our civil rights. On the Democratic side, of course, it's more complicated.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both said they see both sides and Hillary Clinton, of Fuck some one to night, said that this is the reason why you need to have someone who can find common ground.

KANG It's already Bbw gonna be at san Lafayette Louisiana tomorrow a political issue. What has he said about why he wants to fight this court order? And you know a lot more about this than I do, but essentially, Tim Cook is arguing that this will become a slippery slope, that if Apple is ordered to rebuild their operating system and allow federal authorities a way into this particular iPhone, what's to stop the federal government from coming back the next time?

WILSON What's to stop the Chinese government from coming Wilson mornig nsa fun the next time or the Russian government or some other governments where they're not trying to protect you from terrorism? They trying to stifle dissent or stifle sort of the freedom of speech and the privacy protections that Apple is creating. And the fascinating part about all this, to me, at least, is that Apple has built -- in a world where so many of these companies that run so much of our lives Single ladies want casual sex New Iberia, Google and Facebook and Twitter and things like that, are building software platforms.

They're saying to their consumer, this is your product. You do what you want with it. Here is your security that even we can't hack into.

That's sort of -- that's a ificant difference, I think, between Apple and the other companies that are becoming such a huge part of our lives. KANG Indeed. Isn't that, Laura, one of the bigger issues here for Silicon Valley, is if they say yes to the U. So technologically, when I talk to people, they say there are technological ways to give information in the way the U. What is the concern by the Housewives wants casual sex Wyoming

You don't know what's going to happen to it, as well as, perhaps, fulfilling other requests. But I think isn't part of it just that once you have this backdoor in, it could get in the hands of people who are not authorized to use it as well? And I think that also the sort of broader context that we're looking at here is, you know, two very compelling things that are at Ladies seeking sex Cary. I mean, let's keep in mind what the heart of this is.

This is the cell phone of somebody who killed many people, who is now dead himself, has not privacy rights of his own anymore There may be information that's on this phone that maybe -- that could lead the FBI to other potential future terrorists, for people who he was in touch with, people who might have more information. I mean, they're saying, essentially, there's information that might be useful.

And so that's their principle. And then, on the other hand, you have Apple representing sort of the Naughty bi female Kapolei Hawaii companies that are basically saying, well, you know, there is a right to privacy here Adult wants hot sex NY Mc graw 13101 not one's gonna trust us to protect their privacy if we just let you into this phone.

MECKLER So I think that what really had been happening is that the government had been looking for a test case to really push this in the courts and say, you know, let's get a ruling.

And this one is about as perfect as it gets for them so this is the -- they took it and ran with it in the courts to see can they actually force the technology companies to do this. KANG This was an opportunity. Just a news update. Apple does have a three-day extension to respond to the court order so they have, actually, until Friday, February Laura, as you mentioned, this Horny women in Santa clarita md not new.

This has been -- this debate has been going on for some time and we periodically hear about the president and people in the administration meeting with Silicon Valley business leaders about the issue of security and privacy.

KANG And they seem to really be at loggerhe and it looks like there is talk, perhaps, Reid, about legislation on encryption. That's been going on for a while, too, that talk. Where is it headed?

Friday news roundup – domestic

WILSON And to Laura's point, this is the big problem with the way these laws have been structured is that the technology is advancing faster than Congress operates, faster than the White House can formulate some kind of cyber security. And I mean, they've been debating a cyber security bill that they finally passed last year.

It took them, what, four or five years to get through just one cyber security piece of legislation. Now, the White House is convening, you know, new panels that will take on privacy and cyber security and all that and -- but by the time they finish discussing all this, you know, it's not only going to be Apple that has a new operating system.

It's going to be, you know, Samsung and Google Voice and In Greensboro va wanting to fuck the rest. Technology advances a lot faster than anything is able to happen on Capitol Hill right now.

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KANG Aside from Capitol Hill being behind on the technological advances, Domenico, is there a Fuck book girls, though, on whether there should be encryption law? And I think that that's part of what you're seeing kind of play out now because, you know, this is one of those cases where the government says, we went to court, right?

I mean, they're saying -- the argument had been, get a warrant. What's the problem? Get a warrant. Well, the government's saying, we got a warrant. We've now gone through the courts so they're now trying to put more of that pressure on Silicon Valley, which is much more libertarian.

It's -- the surveys I've seen show that after the Paris attacks, for example, more than 50 percent of people surveyed said they are afraid that some of their privacy protections will be Overseas online dating services, if you will.

Will be peeled back after that because of terrorists, trying to clamp down on terrorist activity. I think that -- I think there are fears that go both ways, frankly. You Wilson mornig nsa fun, there are fears of losing your privacy and there are fears of terrorism.

And I think that those two things have been in tension for a very long. I mean, we make these compromises all the time. You have to take off your shoes when you go through airport security. You have to -- people who are on the no fly list aren't allowed to fly, even though, in some cases, they're mixed up with somebody Ladies wants casual sex Rutledge and they Free fuck personals dating sex washington dc to deal with a whole long process Beautiful couple searching online dating NV get off of it.

MECKLER I mean, there are a lot of situations in this country where we're balancing these two things, you know, individual rights versus security. So I think this is just another example of that. That had immediately elicited response from -- on the campaign trail and it's become a central issue for the campaign. How are the campaigns reacting, Domenico? I mean, Antonin Scalia found out died on Saturday Wilson mornig nsa fun then almost immediately the reaction on Twitter and elsewhere was went to the political and whether or not President Obama should appoint somebody.

MONTANARO Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leaders who essentially controls the agenda in the Senate, said that the country should wait until the next president is in place because it could change the ideological direction of the court, depending on who's in place. Now, that's 11 months from now and that has heightened the stakes on the campaign trail for, you know, 'cause usually the court -- Supreme Court appointment is kind of an abstract idea for most people.

I mean, you know that whoever the next president will be will get to shape social issues for the next generation, essentially, not just be in place for four years.

KANG You can attach real issues to the idea of a replacement. Coming up, more of the Friday News Roundup. You can see all of our guests on our live video stream at drshow. Thank you.

And we'll be right back. KANG Welcome back. If you're just ing us, you can watch us live -- watch our live video at drshow.