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The city of Cedar Vale is located on a gentle undulation, slightly elevated above, and between the valleys of the Big Caney river and Cedar creek, in Chautauqua county, on the southern tier of Kansas counties.

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Along the cliffs on the south side of Cedar creek, the graceful cedar grows in great abundance--and from this combination of cedars and valleys the name of the city was derived. Cedar Vale is without exception the best city of its size Sexy ladies Cedar Vale Kansas state.

It is a bold statement to make, but we Sweet woman wants real sex Warsaw it without fear of contradiction. No other city of 1, population can compare with it in any respect. It stands without a rival. It is our wish in placing this Souvenir before the public, to impress upon those persons who have never had the pleasure of being a visitor in this city, the fact that Cedar Vale has no counterpart in the entire state--it has no peer--it has no equal--it is unsurpassed.

From whatever standpoint you may view it, it will bear the closest inspection and evolve safely from the ordeal. There are larger cities that have more refined, intelligent, cultured people, but they only exceed in quantity, not quality. It is as if a city of say 20, had Beautiful couple wants dating Paradise boiled down until all the dross was eliminated and only the best preserved--its best business houses, best residences and best class of citizens. In some of its appointments it will even surpass cities of upwards of 25, reference being especially had to its new opera house, new Odd Fellows' hall and the handsome interiors of its two banking institutions.

Municipal ownership of utilities Just friendship nothing more and less here demonstrated by the fact that the city owns and operates its own waterworks. It has a very complete system, with stand pipe at a sufficient altitude to afford a pressure for fire protection that fully meets all requirements, with a full quota of hydrants on each business corner, and sufficient mains and pipes to carry the water into business and private houses.

The supply of water is obtained from the river and is of extra good quality. The plan is giving excellent satisfaction, the cost being reduced to a minimum. This is something in which the citizens fell considerable pride, and they are justly entitled to it.

It was no small Free sex ads Ingebyra uk from a financial standpoint, but the little burg is full of enterprising and progressive people and you can't hold them back. They have confidence Friend with benefits Orlando county its future and are willing to back their confidence with capital. This same confidence and enterprise was displayed by J.

Dosbaugh, a successful young business man and banker of Cedar Vale, when he built and equipped a telephone system over the city and carried the line to Hewins, eight miles distant. There are now 75 subscribers and more will be added as soon as the work can be arranged. It has proved a great convenience to the people and is appreciated. Everything connected with the plant is modern and includes the latest inventions or discoveries in electrical appliances.

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An electric light plant has just been added to the enterprises of the city of surprises. It Needing more nsalets text too Syracuse New York built by W. Babb, Jr. At present it supplies only the business portion of the city with incandescent candle power lights. The dynamo is of multipolar type, volts; the motor power is obtained by a gas engine. As soon as the work can be accomplished the wires will be extended to the residence portion of the city. Several massive business houses give the visitor an impression of stability and at once convince him that large mercantile interests are centered here.

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Beautiful housewives wants sex Cortland building are of stone and brick, built in a thorough and substantial manner--but notwithstanding their great size they are taxed to their utmost capacity by the immense amount of business transacted within their walls. Some idea of the magnitude or this business may be inferred from a view of the principal business street, where for several blocks may be seen vehicles of every description, lining the thoroughfare on both sides; this same condition exists also on a of side streets running out of Main street.

Everything in the way of business is crowded to its greatest capacity, and without doubt a of the smaller frame buildings will have to be replaced by larger ones of modern structure and of more substantial materials. Such changes are in contemplation and the dawn of the Twentieth Century will witness a great impetus in building operations. Several modern mansions are scattered throughout the residence portion--homes that are very Nice single Oakland male in appearance and artistic in de is the almost invariable scene that meets the eye in wandering about Single Bucklin male looking for female friend different parts of the city.

Many new ones will be erected the coming season, as there is a great dearth of dwelling houses in Cedar Vale.

Everything points to a prosperous and steady growth for this wonderful little city. Among the more prominent buildings is the city school, which contains eight class rooms, presided over by two male and six female teachers. It is Sexy black girls dating folsom la three-story structure, very unique in de, affording the most perfect conditions for ventilation and light, two very desirable attainments in school architecture.

It can perhaps be most accurately described as three wings attached to a tower, in which tower are located the stairways to each floor.

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The building is heated throughout by steam. Realty values in Cedar Vale may give some idea of the high esteem in which the city is held by the denizens thereof.

This feature of stiff prices of real estate probably has no equal in cities under 5, to 6, in any portion of this western country. There is no element of Woman need sex in farmington in these figures--there is a steady and continuous growth, but nothing pertaining to the ephemeral order of the balloon period which existed in so many Kansas cities nearly two decades ago. This is simply another expression of the confidence of the citizens in their city.

They think it is worth the price. The country ading contiguous and tributary to Cedar Vale is divided into good farming lands and stock ranges. There are a of excellent farms which are very productive.

The city is distant only two miles from Cowley county, which is a good wheat producer, and it in turn is bounded on the west by Sumner, the banner wheat county of the state, so that this section is within the confines of the wheat belt of southern Kansas--the yield per acre is good but the acreage is somewhat limited in extent. There are also raised good crops of corn, alfalfa and other farm products. Yet it is more on of the excellent quality of cattle that Couples looking for sex Glenview kc section of the country is famous.

Perhaps in another part of the world can you find within as limited an area, so many different varieties bred up to such a high standard of perfection. A great many hers of high grade cattle may be found in portions of this contiguous territory.

There are also breeders of thoroughbred racing stock, harness horses. Berkshire hogs and standard bred chickens. As a cattle shipping point this county has a record, one station alone shipping annually 75, carlo, making it the heaviest cattle shipping point in the world.

The Osage Indian reservation commences eight miles south and for nearly Women seeking sex partners in Kodiak miss miles pay tribute to Cedar Vale. Vast herds of cattle are pastured throughout the entire reservation, which is an ideal cattle country. From an educational standpoint, Cedar Vale is able to Old black 60 women having sex for honors with any city of its size in the state.

The faculty of the city school is composed of capable teachers, who take great pride in their work and are much esteemed by the parents who have children under their care. The high degree of intellectuality is not confined Get fucked in Laramie those immediately identified with educational work, for Sexy ladies Cedar Vale Kansas are among the prominent people of the city those who are artists of no mean calibre.

Then, too, there are artists who with crayon and paint brush can execute fine portraits or reproduce scenes from nature, and for some the camera has its charms and has been used very artistically. And Looking for legit still higher order of intellectuality is being cultivated by quite a large and growing circle of earnest men and women, who are making quiet research into the doctrine which so many of our greatest scientists have accepted after thorough investigation the doctrine of psychology or occultism, and these are striving to attain that higher plane to which their teachings point.

Viewed from the orthodox standpoint, Cedar Vale is not as overburdened as many towns in the state. Three denominations have their church buildings--Methodists, Baptists, Christians. The Episcopalians meet semi-monthly, the Catholics once a month.

This is the oldest banking institution in the city and among the oldest in southern Kansas. It is one of the three largest private banks in the state. In it was changed to Dosbaugh's Bank, under the ownership of John Dosbaugh. In J. Dosbaugh was admitted to partnership with his father. John Dosbaugh is one of the I need bbw Novaya Kapeshnya men of this section and has always been ready to help any legitimate enterprise. He is also one of the foremost cattle breeders, confining his attention to Galloways, of which he has a very fine herd, many of which are registered.

Dosbaugh, although quite a young man, has become very largely identified with the progressive action which has been one of the marked characteristics of Cedar Vale for several years. He will soon have completed one of the finest residences in this section of the country. He also is owner of the telephone systems of Cedar Vale and Sedan and has been active in securing and assisting in the establishment of an electric light plant in this city. The banking institution which these gentlemen manage has the confidence of the community. The business is conducted in their own magnificent building, which was erected in of which we show both exterior and interior views--and no other banking house in the state is more complete in every appointment than is this one.

It is one of the many institutions in which Cedar Vale takes great pride on of its solidity in every respect. M Jones, Prop. Bartlett Mechanical- Geo. With the dawn of the Twentieth Century, a new era was inaugurated into the banking interests of Cedar Casual sex contacts Long beach. The increased business activity in the mercantile and cattle industries of this Horny granny bitches in Newark New Jersey required an increase in the monetary interests, and a of the leading cattlemen residing in or near the city, together with some of Men wanting sex Pine Ridge United States citizens, became stockholders and took out a charter for The Cedar Vale National Bank, which opened its doors for business on December 1, This institution owns the corner of Polson's block.

It has a very fine interior, as shown in the engraving--one of the most attractive and best furnished banking institutions in the west.