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Equitable access to services that promote health and wellbeing is an important component of social justice. A community-engaged participatory qualitative study was conducted in Flint, Michigan, USA, to understand the needs of special populations young women, perinatal women and new mothers, older women, women with disabilities, and LGBTQIA women and elicit their ideas about solutions. Participants were either women living in the Flint area, human service providers in the area, or both. Adult Personals Big pool MD sexy women team of community and academic coders analyzed the data using an a priori framework.

Participants identified needs of different groups of women and suggested ways to address them. Access to healthy food, reducing healthcare costs, and improving transportation, job opportunities and affordable quality housing were crosscutting themes across all groups of women. Mentoring support was said to protect Women seeking hot sex Geneva young women from the risk of human trafficking. Older women were said to gain a sense of purpose, build their social support and reduce their loneliness by engaging in mentoring younger women.

Women with disabilities were reported to benefit from infrastructure accessibility and authentic inclusion in all areas of life. Providing help that considers their dignity, pride and self-worth were suggested. Horny girls Singapore park Singapore women were reported to have housing needs due to discrimination; mostly turned down as renters and can be rejected from faith-based homeless shelters.

For all groups of women, streamlining access to social services and other resources, building social support networks and increasing awareness about existing resources were recommended.

Social justice in the context of access to health care and other services includes equal access for equal need and equal utilization of services leading to improved outcomes once enrolled [ 1 ]. Vulnerable groups are defined as specific sections of the society who have limited access to resources and disproportionately experience Wife seeking sex Coon Rapids mortality and morbidity [ 2 ]. Discrimination based on socioeconomic status, gender, disability, age and sexual orientation can have a ificant negative impact on vulnerable populations in relation to access to services.

Poor access to Flagtown-NJ adult friends and exposure to risks contribute to poor health and overall wellbeing [ 3 ]. In response to this, population-based approaches have been widely advocated to create equity of access.

Flint, Michigan, U. The city struggles with high poverty rates, unemployment and lack of economic opportunities. In recent years, Flint has suffered ificant depopulation and subsequent decreases in revenue and increases in abandoned houses and blight [ 45 ].

After the Water Crisis that disproportionately affected racial and ethnic minorities [ 6 ], Flint has been mentioned as a classic case of environmental injustice [ 7 — 9 ]. However, Flint also represents a strong and thriving community that is flourishing in the face of various challenges.

Flint has a long positive Looking for someone positive of community activism, beginning with the sit-down strike ofwhich led to the unionization of the US automobile industry. This community activism and involvement has strengthened over time in response to health and other needs [ 10 ].

Flint water crisis

For example, there is an active community body reviewing the ethical conduct of research involving Flint residents [ 1112 ]. The community is also highly engaged in responding to the Flint water crisis [ 610 ] and leading research efforts directed towards improving health outcomes for its residents [ 1314 ]. In particular, the study sought the suggestions of Flint-area women about how to mobilize individual and community strengths to better address their needs. Intersectionality theory describes how multiple, interconnected and interlocking systems of power affect individuals who are less privileged in the society [ 16 ].

Forms of social stratification may include class, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, and gender, and are often interwoven. In recent years, intersectionality theory has been increasingly used as a framework to explain how multiple forms of social stratification coexist and affect individuals and communities. The concept has been used to explain a range of issues including social identities, power structures, and legal and policy frameworks [ 17 ]. In the present study, we used intersectionality theory as an a priori framework to analyze the unmet needs experienced by specific groups of women young women, perinatal women and new mothers, older women, women with disabilities and LGBTQIA.

The purpose of Housewives wants real sex Lakeside study was to examine needs of special populations and propose ways to address these Beautiful ladies looking sex Cedar Rapids Iowa needs. We present the recommendations from women in the Flint community about how to improve the health and wellbeing of some of its vulnerable members. Disparities in access to services were examined by life stage, sexual orientation and gender identities, and disability status.

Flint, Michigan is one of the Rust Belt cities Woman looking real sex Apollo experienced outmigration, decline in economic activities, violent crime and various health needs [ 41819 ]. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by these challenges. The original plan was to have a conversation with women from different walks of life to understand their hopes, needs, strengths and challenges and use the information to de ways to improve their health and wellbeing. The community partners suggested focusing on the Married But Looking Real Sex VA Dinwiddie 23841 life-stage challenges, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation.

The community partners also contributed to the study de, topic guide development, participant recruitment and Adult dating Southaven Mississippi 38671 analysis. Details of the partnership process and the rationale is published elsewhere [ 20 ].

The study follows a thematic analysis whereby the process of routine data collection and analysis are not mutually exclusive. Thematic analysis provides a flexible and pragmatic approach whereby researchers can draw patterns and relationships within and between themes and revise and add themes as they emerge throughout the analysis [ 21 ]. A combination of purposive and snowball sampling was used.

Inclusion criteria were: Fat women sex dating sites age 18 or older, and 2 be a woman living in the Flint area i.

We posted flyers inviting people to participate in the study in Woman looking sex Upton Wyoming places such as residence areas, social service offices and churches. We reached out to participants through the networks of our community partners. We also contacted individuals leading and receiving services in social service agencies and women we met on the streets. At the end of each interview, participants were asked to suggest another person whose perspectives they think might be relevant to fulfil the study objectives and enrich the data.

The goal was to include as broad a range of participants as possible. Halfway through the interviews, we checked backgrounds of our interviewees to reduce the risk of selection bias and ensure that our participants represented a broad and diverse range of women. We modified our selection criteria to identify individuals who were underrepresented in our study eg. Consenting individuals were invited to participate in a face-to-face interview.

Open-ended topic guides Housewives seeking hot sex Sky Lake developed by one of the authors JJ in partnership with the other authors, which included both academic and community contributors. The topic guides explored needs and solutions for women in general, as well as needs and solutions for several special Married looking hot sex Fort Myers Beach of women, including young women, perinatal women and new mothers, older women, women with disabilities, and LGBTQIA women.

The topic guides were generic. However, specific probes were added Wives want sex Sanford tailor the interviews to the interest or expertise of the interviewees. These questions were incorporated to the interview guide at an earlier stage of the data collection. Questions also covered service gaps, existing resources and what is required to address these unmet needs. Both interviewers have extensive qualitative experience including deing and leading large qualitative studies.

Intersectionality, special populations, needs and suggestions: the flint women’s study

MH conducted the remaining 25 interviews independently. After each interview, the interviewers summarized their notes in a spreheet detailing key aspects of each interview. Privacy of the interview location was considered in all cases. All interviews were audio recorded. All audio files were transcribed verbatim. Interview transcripts were ased codes. Names and other personal identifiers were removed from all the transcripts to ensure anonymity. A spreheet linking the transcripts with their sociodemographic data was extracted and stored separately.

We trained and engaged five pairs of community and academic Women looking for sex Mount Carbon West Virginia to code the transcripts.

The half-day didactic training involved 1 introduction to qualitative coding 2 familiarization with the qualitative coding software 3 orientation to the coding framework and 4 double-coding and addressing disagreements in the coding process. We used NVivo qualitative analysis software, an ideal tool for team-based coding of large scale qualitative data [ 22 ].

MH and JJ developed the coding framework. Coders were given an NVivo coding framework to chart data into the broad. The coding framework was expanded Housewives wants hot sex Boyero incorporate newly emerging themes. The community and academic pairs coded the transcripts ased to them independently on their separate NVivo files. The pairs held meetings to double-code on a third NVivo file to ensure consensus.

All of the transcripts were double-coded.

Associated data

The double-coded NVivo files were merged into the study Masterfile by the first author. We extracted codes under each special population group for analysis to identify the recurring themes.

MH identified the recurring themes. JJ and MH discussed and approved the final identified themes for this manuscript. A total of people were contacted to participate in the study; were interviewed. Six people refused. Six women had disabilities.

Study participants represented various roles and occupations including counselors, pastors, educators, volunteers, family members, women living in shelters, women in workforce development, librarians, attorneys, judges, students, business leaders, pet groomers and more. The original interview guide inquired about needs of women across the lifespan. Thus, the study focused on women at different points in their life including 1 young women, 2 perinatal women and mothers 3 older women 4 women with disabilities and 5 LGBTQIA women.

The needs of young women and the suggestions to address them fell into two main ; a mentoring and positive examples, and b addressing risky behaviors including sexual behaviors and exposure to risk including human trafficking. Mentoring was the most Camogli cyber chat endorsed need for young women in the community. Almost all of the young women and participants who worked with young women endorsed the need for mentorship support. One of the participants shared her view as:.