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Elite lady searching boy for Nerdy guy looking for a gal

You may say we kind of geek out about things. Whatever, geeks are awesome. But sometimes, awesome can use a bit of assistance in the dating department.

Nerdy Guy Looking For A Gal

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When it comes to attraction towards other people, singles are generally drawn to those who self-identify as dorks.

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The best online dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi buffs, and more

I would agree with a lot of these points. This is SO, SO true!!

I agree with Erin that some guys who classify themselves as nerds are not like this, but when girls say they want to date a nerd, this is definitely what they are looking for!! I love this. Nerds are not becoming anything.

Such guys are posers more often than not. Like, so not cool.

How nerds get a girlfriend (shocking)

Most guys say that openly and try not to care for the sake of it. Guys who fit the description you posted have other traits that can be deemed unattractive. Get a group of nerds together and they form the same social hierarchies as any other group, including both cool kids Hot girl walking in Chatillon bullies. Fun to read article. Search for:.

Love One thing guys should never, ever say in the presence of a girl. February 21, He has passions Redditch uk sex sports, video games, and boobs.

Behind this, as with many elements of the nerd personality, is a general lack of care about what other people think. You like Russian classical music, awesome.

Same goes for World War II history or computer programming or architecture of the world. He worked hard to fairly hard through most high school and all of college. You know who thinks high school is a waste of time: jerks.

Dating sites for nerds & geeks

That said, many a nerd probably ranked very high in their high school debate team or Model UN group. Key here is that these guys were never a part of an organization that was worshiped Sexy curly haired blonde librarian at Dollar Point library groups of women.

See above, for starters. His goal is to look fine every day and somewhat good when it matters. That leaves time for things like thinking about you, complimenting you, and paying attention to you above most else.

This is a simple but important factor. They may be plans for a comic book convention next weekend or plans for a trip to India next Fall.

Bottom line, nerds go do things that they want to do. These are not mutually exclusive to jerks.

Here’s why women love geeks, dorks and nerds

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