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Swiss woman seek Need some valentines pampering to flirtbook

Celebrate yourself on this day of love with soft hoodies, beauty treatments, silk pillowcases, and more.

Need Some Valentines Pampering

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Although these are important throughout the year, they are all the more important on a day dedicated to love.

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Of course, you should show your loved ones that you love them every day of the year.

“book a mani-pedi session” – fatema habib, senior beauty writer

Visualize your perfect day. Do you want to try meditating first thing in the morning? Going to your favourite place for lunch? Get a massage after work?

Order takeout instead of cooking dinner? Think about how you want the day to go and how you want to feel — then make it happen. Dedicate the day to yourself!

One thing so many of us struggle with is acknowledging our love for ourselves. So, celebrate yourself! Write a list of 10 things you love about yourself, write yourself a love letter, take cute selfies, be kind to yourself, and do what makes you happy.

Spend the day having a date night with yourself. Order a pizza, drink some wine, and watch your favourite shows.

Go out to the movies or a restaurant alone. Go on an adventure and try something new. Have an at-home spa night, pampering yourself.

That could mean buying yourself flowers, candy, jewelry, a book, or even going on a Mon Chalet Friday-mw 4w spree. Forget about your diet for the day, spend the day lounging around if you want, take a nap if you feel like it, and allow yourself your guilty pleasures.

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She's a goal-digger, an animal-lover, and a bookworm. When she's not writing, you can find her spending time in nature or making art.

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Celebrate Yourself One thing so many of us struggle with is acknowledging our love for ourselves. By Tami Walker.