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Japaneses Marine corps swingers hunt for men for meeting

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Marine Corps Swingers

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Gunnery Sgts.

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Shawn and Janet Angell are swingers, and it cost both of them their Marine Corps careers. But they are just two of 10 enlisted Marines who found themselves caught up in Female seeking male in Souris massive investigation at Officer Candidates School, the Quantico, Va. The investigation led to accusations of sex with subordinates, adultery and group sex.

In all, 10 Marines were court-martialed. Only one was acquitted.

Having sex outside of your marriage, consentual or not, is adultry and is punishable under the UCMJ. Knowing this, they puposefully committed acts contrary to what we teach young Marines in both recruit training and OCS. Considering their unethical behavior, it is clear that somewhere in their past, a SNCO failed them; especially those two on the cover.

Quantico shooting

Stay away from the recruit depots and OCS. Exit the Corps and be as nasty as you want to be. The rest of us will pick up the slack for you. You have Richmond individual adult swingers desired us all. How can you believe that these actions are good to go?

Now we are left to clean up your trash and mentor those that you failed. I am a former Marine brat, and in the civilian life my husband and I are swingers. I although do not think these Marines should be punished. I completely agree with Jerrie with his comment, it is unfortunate when a couple who Looking to fuck Kayena rather divorce, strengthen their marriage thru some safe, multi people fun.

If it was gays, or bi and trannies it would be ok. Instead it is consenting safe adults making their relationship stronger and they get in trouble.

Behind the cover: the gunnies were swingers — and it cost them their careers

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