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HOT Guy Looking For A Massage Will Pay You $

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The below may surprise you. Water, yes, but alcohol is a real no-no.

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Keep these in mind to make the most of your therapy. Do not substitute this tea, coffee, alcohol, or any other beverage.

These are diuretic i. Many of our customers admit that they shower as soon as their massage session has ended, mostly to wash off the oil. This is a big mistake.

Truth is that the massage simply heats up the essential oils, and they still need another hour to get absorbed into the skin cells. This is another bad idea.

Use cold water for pain relief. Warm water is at just the right temperature to relax your body without aggravating your muscles.

Massages make you feel hungry. A heavy meal, however, will only make your body feel sluggish, bloated, and lethargic, instead of energised.

Save the heavy meal for later in the day. An hour-long massage sets your body and mind to relax-mode.

Also, doing any kind of strenuous activity — like gymming — can injure your muscles. After a massage, you should try prolonging the feeling of calmness.

Rest, read a book, Netflix and chill, do anything that relaxes you physically and mentally. These useful tips should be given as soon as a client has booked for a Spa treatment.

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