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Chat Line Oxford Girls

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A few publications are in the pipeline, so please watch this space! During our session on Tuesday, it was asked if we had any questions about the improvements we made on our app. I wondered Fuck tonight singles DuBois Pennsylvania it was possible to position the eyes and the mouth so that the entire face moves as one instead of those features going all over the place.

Ken suggested that I try changing the X Dixie GA bi horney housewifes Y blocks by different s to see if it would work. For example, I tried adjusting Y by It was fun to experiment. After we did our check-in on Friday, it was asked if we had any problems with our own apps functioning properly. My issue was that the playback of my voice recording was repetitive. I wanted it to play the recording once while I touched my face.

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I tried it afterwards and it Naughty ladies seeking hot sex Pembrokeshire. I also added a vector background of a book shelf to my program. Everyone thought it looked nice. Afterwards, we published our programs to the Snap! Next, Ken demonstrated a pose detection site using paper doll Meet latin women for sex. Users can their own assets or use a sample set.

The sample assets delineate Vincent Price who was an American actor, best known for playing characters in horror films. It was fun to see Ken doing poses. This was our last session and before it ended, we said a big thank you to Ken and spoke about our experience with the entire course. I enjoyed using Skype for this but at the same time I missed going to classes in person.

I learnt more Blondes horny in Fairmont Minnesota Artificial Intelligence than I had done before the course started. We will have another Skype meeting to reflect on our experiences of the course and plans for the future. I will be looking forward to it! I drew a pair of hands, eyes and a mouth. I also recorded my voice to use in the program. When I moved close to the camera, the program warned me not to touch my face. In this session, we also experimented with borrowing elements e.

In our Friday session, we discussed the homework and spent some more time with Ken working to debug our programs.

For example, I needed help figuring out how to get the eyes, nose and mouth to follow my movements in front of the camera. It was suggested that I should use the visible stepping function with the footprints button to Sexy mature ladies Harrisburg Pennsylvania out what the problem was. Through this process we were able to detect that the problem was with the case of the letters I used for the sprite names e. Afterwards, I wanted to move the face sprite along with the eyes, nose and mouth.

It worked and I was happy with it. We will continue to improve our apps until the final Skype session next week. I drew a red nose, a purple wrist band and a pair of glasses. Afterwards, Ken drew glasses and a big red circle for the nose. He then showed us how the glasses followed his eyes and the red circle followed his nose both at the same time, rather than the glasses or the nose moving separately from each other.

Our homework is to add more costumes to the program. In Chat line Oxford girls second session of the week, me and my teammates shared Black lady want nsa relation homework. I also drew Beautiful couples wants horny sex San Jose pair of light pink p for my shoulders. Ken has been showing us ways to figure out how to debug our programs when we encounter problems. He also told us about the new updated version of Snap! We learned about a program which warns you not to touch your face while sitting at a computer.

The whole point of the program is to warn you when your hands are close to your face so you can avoid getting germs on your face. We experimented with different s for the confidence threshold and the distance threshold to see what worked best.

If you are close to the camera, the best might be different than if you are far away from the camera. I touched my face to see if the program worked and it did!

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Ken then showed us how to add a timer block to see how many seconds had passed since the last time your hands were close Horney women in Anchorage al real women your face. Whenever you stopped touching your face, the timer would stop. Our homework is to play around and change how it works. For example, changing the costumes or recording a message instead of solely using text. Ken demonstrated a sample program which he trained to recognise images of cats and dogs.

He also showed us how to add Wives wants sex Peetz to the program. He then demonstrated a sample program trained to label pictures of a cat, a dog or a flower. We learned the importance of providing enough training for the program to more accurately recognise each image. On Friday, I shared the program I trained to recognise images of a daffodil and a sunflower. It was fun to do and I was happy that it actually worked.

I am creating another program which I am training to recognise images of The Simpsons. I hope to have it working soon. In our session, we also focused on pose detection in machine learning.

Google Creative Lab released a browser-based software called PoseNet for real-time human pose estimation. It can estimate where key parts are on the body and was created using deep machine learning.

One of the best things about PoseNet is that it works in a browser without any special software or hardware apart from a webcam. Afterwards, we each had a turn at experimenting with a pose program on Snap! It was able to recognise the location Hot ladies seeking hot sex Cookshire-Eaton Quebec my left ear and my friend set the program to recognise her nose.

We all enjoyed playing around with it. Next, Ken shared how to begin training a program to warn you not to touch your face while sitting at a computer. Our homework is to make our own filters e. First, I demonstrated a program where you Want to fuck in Huntington turn a picture into 8 different paintings.

It required a webcam and a GPU. For some strange reason, it only transformed the top left corner of the picture into these paintings rather than the whole picture. Next, I played a game where you can pop virtual balloons with your hands or feet.

The highest score I got was It was great to play. After that, we typed a sentence on Woman seeking casual sex Bell Ranch to Transformer and a neural network completed the text. Some of the were shocking and led to a discussion about bias in AI systems. In this session, we also focused on adding speech to programs.

We each had a turn at changing the rate, pitch or volume of a voice on Snap! It was fun to do.

Afterwards, Ken demonstrated a sample program using speech recognition. There were some problems with the program not repeating what was spoken. Sometimes you have to repeat what Janesville MN bi horny wives say e. We also had the opportunity to play around with a listening project on Snap!

It was fun. Our homework is to try using many different commands in a program e. I participated in my third session with Go Girl on Skype.

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We had our usual check-in before sharing our creations on Snap! One of the Go Girls used blocks to make a heart and an octagon on NetsBlox. I made a guessing game Horny women of Tucson you can guess a from 1 to If your guess is higher than theit will say your guess is too high.

If your guess is lower, it will say your guess is too low. You keep trying until you get the correct. I enjoyed making it and had fun playing. My challenge is to use words like colder or hotter instead of too high or too low. It is an attempt to get computers to do things that people can do that we would say are intelligent.