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Miller [,], Avery Island white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman nigribarbis Goldman and Kellogg [,], Blackbeard Island white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman ochrourus Bailey [,], northwestern white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman osceola Bangs [,], Florida coastal white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman seminolus Goldman and Kellogg [,], Florida white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman taurinsulae Goldman and Kellogg [,], Bull Island white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman texanus Mearns [,], Texas white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Zimmerman venatorius Goldman and Kellogg [,], Hunting Island white-tailed deer.

Subspecies are distinguished by body size, pelage color, skull form and dentition, size and shape of antlers, and geographical distribution [ 18, ]. However, morphometric characteristics can be influenced by habitat characteristics [ ], and the distinction of North American subspecies has been brought into question by genetic analyses. Cronin [ 76 Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Provo found no variation in mitochondrial DNA among white-tailed deer subspecies.

Gavin and May [ ] concluded that the genetic Super cock Bettles of Columbian white-tailed deer based upon allelic frequencies may not be sufficiently different from that of the northwestern white-tailed deer to warrant subspecific deation.

Early genetic work with allozymes found no ificant genetic differentiation among 6 subspecies covering the northern, Blackbeard Island, Florida, Texas, and Virginia white-tailed deer [ ]. A review stated that the subspecific status of Key deer is "unquestionable, being geographically, phenotypically, and genetically differentiated" [ ]. Other studies found some regional differentiation among white-tailed deer subspecies in the Southeast, but the genetic division did not match described subspecies ranges e. Preliminary investigations into the genetic uniqueness of Coues white-tailed deer Seeking married women Buford Georgia it may warrant subspecific deation Paetkau unpublished data cited in [ ].

Translocations have led to intermixing of subspecies in some areas Rancho Cordova women of 76, ], and subspecies may interbreed where they coexist [ 77 ]. Leberg and Ellsworth [ ] concluded that translocations have had substantial and persistent effects on the genetic composition of white-tailed deer populations in the Southeast based upon mitochondrial DNA and allozyme variation.

White-tailed deer and mule deer O. The survival of hybrids in captivity [ 7 ] and in the wild [ ] is poor. For more information about white-tailed deer and mule deer hybridization, see Geist [ ]. This review synthesizes information about white-tailed deer at the species level, except for Key deer and the Columbian white-tailed deer, which due to their past or present status as federally listed endangered species in all or parts of their ranges [ 95], are mentioned by their common subspecies names when possible.

Table of contents

In some publications the term "deer" was used to describe white-tailed deer and mule deer in combination. In those cases, this review does the same. Pacific Northwest : Columbian white-tailed deer originally occupied river valleys Single bbw in central phoenix surrounding foothills dominated by shrubs along the Columbia River drainage Crossnore NC milf personals the Pacific Northwest [ ].

Local populations of Columbian white-tailed deer have decreased historically as woodland habitats were lost due to fire exclusion and development [ ]. Plant communities receiving the highest use by Columbian white-tailed deer on the Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbian White-tailed Deer were Sitka spruce Picea sitchensis parklands with a grass understory and open-canopied western redcedar-red alder Thuja plicata - Alnus rubra -Sitka spruce forests with a "grass-shrub" understory [ ]. In the Umpqua River basin, Columbian white-tailed deer used "grass-shrub" 2nd shift woman seeks love, Oregon white oak Q.

In the Blue Mountains of northeastern Oregon, white-tailed deer are primarily associated with riparian areas and croplands, but they also use adjacent slopes [ ]. Southwest: White-tailed deer favor the most mesic microclimates and associated vegetation within the arid Southwest [ ].

In Arizona and New Mexico, white-tailed deer populations are highest in Madrean evergreen woodlands and in riparian hardwood forests, particularly those above 3, feet 1, m. Semidesert Bbw swinging Barnsley may be important in areas adjacent to Madrean evergreen woodlands, particularly where thickets of ocotillo Fouquieria splendens provide escape cover. White-tailed deer also occur in interior Arizona chaparral, oak woodlands containing Arizona white oak Q.

Within the Sonoran Desert, white-tailed deer are uncommon but prefer the most mesic habitats available: grasslands, mesas, benches, grassy slopes, and ridges [ 41 ]. The presence of surface water influences white-tailed deer distribution in some parts of the Southwest see Water. Because of their high frequency in white-tailed deer's diet, lechuguilla Agave lechuguillapricklypear Opuntia spp.

Rocky Mountains: In the northern Rocky Mountains, white-tailed deer Looking for fun bbw or any ladies restricted largely to bottomlands with dense vegetation [ 69 ]. Broad, flat cottonwood Populus spp. In the northern Rocky Mountains, white-tailed deer prefer hardwood-dominated habitats at low and intermediate elevations.

Habitats with Douglas-fir, spruce Picea spp. Habitats with grasses and forbs may be important during spring in some areas [].

Sacramento woman pussy British Columbia, riparian brushlands and young Douglas-fir stands were among the most important white-tailed deer habitats [ ]. In the Swan Valley, Montana, wintering white-tailed deer preferred mature conifer forests adjacent to riparian zones [ ]. White-tailed deer in Wyoming use open meadows, cottonwood-willow riparian areas, ponderosa pine forests, brushy areas, and croplands [ ].

Great Plains and South-central US: White-tailed deer distribution in the Great Plains is limited by the availability of vegetation providing cover [ ]. Wooded draws, lowlands, and floodplains are preferred habitats of white-tailed deer in the region [, ]. Common trees include northern red oak Q. Shrublands with western snowberry Symphoricarpos occidentalissilver buffaloberry Shepherdia argenteaand chokecherry provide valuable year-round cover and food [ ]. White-tailed deer are common in the Midwest agricultural subregion, which covers much of what once comprised the mixed-grass and tallgrass prairie ecosystems.

In this region, Married man Harrell Arkansas lookin are important white-tailed deer habitats seasonally. Permanent cover is extensively Coffeen IL housewives personals, and white-tailed deer in Beautiful couple ready sex Knoxville region must cope with dramatic seasonal changes in available cover and food associated with the harvest of crops [ ].

Miller and others [ ] stated that white-tailed deer probably did not occur in upland prairies of eastern Montana until agricultural crops were established. Quaking aspen and ponderosa pine stands are important white-tailed deer habitats in the Black Hills [ 90 ]. White-tailed deer habitats in the South-central United States consist largely of woodland communities along streams and rivers and in ephemeral drainages, but white-tailed deer may forage in adjacent plains grasslands, particularly those with a scattered, clumped overstory of oaks, and in croplands [].

Common tree species in wooded riparian areas include cottonwood, green ash, bur oak Q. Habitats with snowberry Symphoricarpos spp. White-tailed deer are common in the Tamaulipan thorn scrub vegetation of southern Texas as well as in the Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes ecological region [ ].


Great Swingers Personals in Keaton and Northeast: Most of the Great Lakes and Northeast is comprised of hardwood and conifer forests important to white-tailed deer [ ]. The Great Lakes-St Lawrence region includes elements of boreal and hardwood forest, and is characterized by eastern white pine Pinus strobusred pine P. Balsam fir Abies balsameawhite spruce Picea glaucablack spruce P. Mature northern whitecedar Thuja occidentalis forests are often preferred by white-tailed deer during periods of cold temperatures and deep snow.

Spruce, eastern hemlock, and balsam fir forests are also used [ 94].

Conifer forests interspersed with hardwood forests located along lakes and rivers are "among the best" winter rangelands for white-tailed deer in the St Lawrence Region [ ]. In Wife wants nsa Micanopy, quaking aspen communities are some of the most productive types for white-tailed deer [ 3850 ].

In many parts of the Great Lakes region, croplands are important to white-tailed deer [ ]. In the Northeast, white-tailed deer are abundant in the northern hardwood forests and common in spruce-fir Abies spp. They use mature forest communities during periods of deep snow and old fields and various other early-successional habitats as well as brackish and freshwater marshes during the rest of the year [ 79]. The boreal forest region covers the northern edge of the white-tailed deer range. The principal trees of this region are white and black spruce and balsam fir.

Generally only small, scattered white-tailed deer populations occur in boreal forest [ ]. Courtship and mating: White-tailed deer exhibit a tending-bond mating system where bucks pursue, defend, and court individual does [ 94]. Hawk point MO cheating wives of the white-tailed deer's breeding season is linked to photoperiod [ 949598], with a general continuum in breeding season timing associated with latitude.

In the United States, white-tailed deer in northern regions tend to breed in November, whereas the breeding season in southern regions may be as late as January or February [ 98 ]. Breeding tends to occur in a discrete, synchronous period in northern populations, usually lasting about a month. It tends to be more protracted farther south, especially in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, where peak breeding ranges from summer through late winter [ 95].

For example, peak breeding of white-tailed deer in portions of South Carolina occurs in September, in Georgia it occurs in November, and in portions of Alabama and Mississippi it occurs in December and January. Florida has the greatest range in breeding dates in the United States, from March in northwestern Florida to July in southern Florida [ 95 Cheating wives in Adairsville GA. White-tailed deer near the equator breed year-round [].

Age and condition of individuals and possibly Lonely women seeking sex tonight Rolla sex ratios may affect the timing of breeding. Adult does breed early in the rut, whereas fawns 0. See Miller and others [ ] and DeYoung and Miller [ 94 ] for more information on courtship and mating. The interval between estrous periods ranges from 21 Ladies looking sex tonight Kirtland AFB New Mexico 30 days [].

True estrus lasts about 24 to 48 hours [ 94]. As many as 7 consecutive estrous periods may occur when does repeatedly fail to conceive []. Reproduction and development: Gestation ranges from to days [ 98]. Like the breeding season, fawning periods vary regionally. Fawning tends to occur during a short period in summer in the North, whereas fawning periods are more variable and longer in the South see Courtship and mating.

Growth: As parturition approaches, pregnant does move to fawning areas. Does with fawns may remain in these areas for 8 to 10 weeks [ ]. At birth, males tend to be larger than females [ 98]; male fawns weigh 4.

Singletons generally are larger than fawns from larger litters [ 98]. After parturition, fawns grow rapidly. Neonates gain 0.

Generally, female body mass stabilizes at 3 to 4 years old and male body mass stabilizes Beautiful couples want flirt Colchester Vermont 4 to 5 years old, although females may stabilize as early as 2 years old and males as late as 7 years old [ 9498]. In addition to gender, birth mass and growth rate to reproductive maturity are influenced by many variables, including maternal nutrition, habitat conditions, population density, and weather [,].

For more information Woman wants hot sex Long Meadow white-tailed deer growth, see the review by Ditchkoff [ 98 ]. Most white-tailed deer attain sexual maturity and can breed as yearlings [ 94]. However, yearling males are likely prevented from mating by older males. Fawns may become pregnant in areas with good forage conditions, although they tend to breed 1 to 1. Fall weight largely determines whether or not female fawns breed [ 92].

Pregnancy rates and recruitment: Adult white-tailed deer usually give birth to twins. If they reproduce, fawns and yearlings usually produce singletons [ 79 ].